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Website load speed

Website load speed

Complex approach for the clientside of your website includes:

  • Evaluation of the current website load speed.
  • Analysis and optimization current time of your website pages' rendering.
  • Optimal gzip and cache setup, load stages balancing.
  • Changes in your templates to accelerate website load speed.
  • Professional advices how to keep gained results and high speed.
Complex website analysis

Complex website speed up

Website efficiency and load speed can be significantly improved by:

  • Balancing client and server side load.
  • Detecting bottlenecks in server work.
  • Increasing HTML pages generating time.
  • Applying the most effective methods for client side.
  • Accelerating overall website.
JavaScript profiling

JavaScript profiling

Accelerating clientside scripts executing that depends on:

  • Volume of Internet Explorer memory leaks.
  • Usage of different JavaScript libraries.
  • Number of functions and method calls.
  • Number of DOM iteractions.
  • Number of global variables and objects.
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