About Web Optimizator

This project has been launched after the Russian web conference ClientSide'2007. The goal was to gather not only theoretical information about websites' speeding-up, but also to provide the most precise online service to check and decrease websites' load time.

Web Site Optimization was used as the main sample for creating this online tool. But this service hasn't been updated for a long time, it doesn't provide a lot of information, has several errors in pages' parsing and is out of date.

Several other diagram services were also used as samples for creation of the Web Optimizator. The most well-known are OctaGate SiteTimer and Pingdom Tools (naturally there are a lot of their clones). All of them provide graphical representation of the website load process (of course only a model, all browsers handle this another way). All of these projects can be used as a manual but are not precise enough — the advices given are not detailed and arent always of use.

We cannot but mention great advices from Yahoo! team that has developed a Firefox plugin (Yslow for Firebug) which helps to analyse any Internet resources. AOL has recently released a plugin PageTest for Internet Explorer (6 and 7), but its interface and usability leave much to be desired. Additionally it has some problems with local proxies (maybe it's a temporary problem).

The main goal of Web Optimizator (and its main difference from all the services mentioned above) is to give the most detailed advices and recommendations about website accelerating (for now there are about 50+ items). All of them should help webmasters improve their websites' performance and usability.

This tool shouldn't be treated as a perfect and universal utility. Now it covers about 99.5% of all the known cases and it is enough to examine any website and offer methods to reduce its load time.

Also there are a lot of useful articles and video movies about client side optimization on this site.

Website design is created by Rafael Sepeda.

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