Web Optimizer version comparison

Web Optimizer is a time-proven solution which accelerates your website faster than lightning. It automates all clientside improvements for your website.

Features and technologiesDemo VersionFull Version
All benefitsup to 98% CPU saved
up to 87% less traffic
up to 85% less HTTP requests
up to 70% extra website speedup
Premium support 24/7
CPU Overhead15-50 ms3-10ms
Gzip Optionsup tp 65% less trafficup tp 88% less traffic
Client Side Cachingup to 60% less trafficup to 85% less traffic
Server Side Cachingnot includedup to 90% less CPU load
CSS Spritesnot includedup to 25% less HTTP requests
Data:URInot includedup to 60% less HTTP requests
Multiple Hostsnot includedup to 50% extra website speedup
Unobtrusive JavaScriptnot includedup to 20% extra website speedup
Premium Supportnot included24/7

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